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Since 1966 the Custom Studios line has been a leading designer and screen printer of custom imprinted t-shirts and other wearables. The Custom Studios line of products is now part of CSI Chicago Inc. Our screen printing on t-shirts has won us a total of 5 USA Awards. Including "Best Advertising / Promotional T-Shirt". You can be assured that our prices are competitive without sacrificing quality or prompt service. In fact our optional rush service on wearables is one of the best in the business. We have over a 1,000 other custom imprinted promotional products for your club, business or fund raiser. We also are one of the few companies in the USA that offers iron-on lettering to customize your shirts with individual names, numbers or sayings. We did the promotional shirts for Playboy and the t-shirts used in the remake movie "The Amityville Horror".  You can also buy just the lettering & numbering and apply it yourself, we can provide transfer paper & instructions.  For individual digital transfer design shirt go to our Lettering/Retail page. We continue to offer some of the finest in Screen Printing & Design to this day. We are one of the last breed of a real custom t-shirt shop that cares about our customers needs and service. That is because we are of old school thinking providing quality, service and custom options to fill your imprint needs at a reasonable cost.

Unlike other companies that take 2-3 weeks to deliver wholesale jobs, we offer quick turnaround on wholesale orders usually about a week delivery or less from the time we get camera ready art. For retail orders we can sometimes do lettering while you wait or within a day. Digital and custom cad cut orders usually take 1-2 days, let us know your needs, we do offer optional same day retail service. 

CSI Chicago incorporates many different printing processes for wearables, each process has it's advantages depending on what your are trying to imprint, the quantity, amount of colors being printed and type of fabric or item being printed, how soon you need it, etc. We do individual Digital Transfer Printing, Silk Screen Printing, Direct Digital Printing on light & dark colors, Cad Cut Printing using different materials & colors, Cad Print printing for full color imprinting, Iron On Lettering, Pre-spaced Player Names & Numbers, Nylon Printing, Nylon transfers, Nylon Cad Cut printing, Silk Screen Transfers and Embroidery. So when you are thinking of imprinted wearables & products feel free to consult us on your needs.                                                 

Go to our Lettering/Retail pages to see different wearable imprinting processes & related pages. We can also special order a shirt or item for you from our warehouse, go to our online catalog here. We have over 44 years experience in the imprinted T-shirt business. 

Custom Imprinted Products-Search Here
You can now search thousands of custom imprinted products available by clicking here. Each item is shown with pictures, pricing, minimum quantity and any other options available (colors, scents, sizes, etc.). You can search products by price, descriptions, item name, minimum quantity, etc. 

If you see an item you're interested in getting, just click on the item where it says email and send us the picture of the product along with your name & phone number and we will follow up on your email. You can also email the pictures & info to friends or business associates who may be interested.

Don't forget for the best gift, give a personalized gift from the Custom Studios line! Whether it be lettering or a picture or original drawing go to our Retail Custom Page here. We have also added our stock designs that can be applied to shirts and other wearables on these pages.
Remember, unlike regular advertising where the results disappear the minute your ad stops running-the effects of custom imprinted shirts and other items keeps on going years later and every time it is seen!
Contact Us
Our Spring/Summer Hours are Mon-Fri 11:30 am-7:00 pm (except Tuesdays-see below), Sat 11 am-3:30 pm (Central Time). We are closed Sunday. Holiday hours will vary. These are our regular hours but many times we are open past our posted hours so feel free to call if after hours or stop by if in the neighborhood, we pride ourselves on trying to help customers meet their deadlines even if it's after hours! Service is our Number One goal to our customers! Also feel free to send an email or leave a voice mail as we check voice mails around the clock even when we are closed.
*Tuesdays we will be open from 11:30-3pm. until Sept. 10th.     
On Sept. 2012 we added a call feature when we are busy on the phone with other customers to record your message and send us an email of your message and also records your phone number. This also pops up your phone number while we are on the phone, we will call you back as soon as possible. This feature allows us to receive messages even after business hours so feel free to leave messages after hours as well especially if you have a rush job or a job that needs immediate attention or have a question as we check these after hours when closed and will get back to you after hours if necessary. 
4353 N. Lincoln Ave.  (4 doors south of Montrose on Lincoln Ave) 2 blocks east of Western Ave.
       Chicago, Il. 60618      *      USA
Email: csichicago1@yahoo.com 
Please follow up with a phone call if you do not get a reply to your email as sometimes emails have not been received after being sent or go into Spam which we do not check, or copy our email and send through your regular yahoo or email account instead of a program like Entourage. We will try to acknowledge your email when received and answer any questions or quotes requested, if you do not hear back from us in a day or two chances are we did not receive your email, so call us. Please be sure to put a message or what it is you need in the subject line or we will treat it as junk mail. We check our emails throughout the day and night even when closed.

Terms: All custom printed orders require a 60 % deposit and balance COD. Custom Retail orders have to be paid in full. If this is an internet order we may need a copy of your drivers license and credit card faxed to us, this protection is for both customers and CSI Chicago due to credit card fraud. All credit card, debit cards & Papal orders incur a 3.5 % processing fee. Please note all billing will be under our corporate name CSI Chicago Inc., not our line name Custom Studios. All orders are subject to our Terms see our complete Terms & Polices by clicking here.

ccback.gif (2635 bytes)  Give us the last 3 numbers in the signature panel (called the vcode) on the backside of the card.


You always save money from CSI Chicago like our 24 embroidered cap special includes up to 9 colors & 5,000 stitches embroidered for $9.94 ea. and NO $60.00 setup charge!

Tax Exempt/Resale Orders: All orders that are tax exempt or for resale must supply us with a copy of their tax exempt status and/or their resale tax certificate; tax will be charged to all orders that don't supply the above when their order is picked up.  Out of state orders are automatically tax exempt and no tax is assessed when printing customers goods or any services we provide such as artwork, making printing plates, printing services, etc.

*If you are driving to our showroom be careful as Lincoln Ave. has those rip off parking meters, there is usually Free Parking on Leavitt the side street across from our shop or around the corner East & West on Montrose and on Lincoln Ave North of Montrose-Park There it's free

Directions if in Chicago...

Directions North or South on Lake Shore Drive, exit at Montrose (4400 North) and go west to Lincoln Ave and turn left, we are 4 doors south of Montrose. We are on the East side of Lincoln Ave. across from the Golden Angel restaurant & parking lot. Be sure to put money in the meters (for every 15 minutes) keep an eye on your car as they do ticket. Or park on Leavitt side street (next to Lincoln Ave) where there are no meters.

Driving North on I-90/94 exit at Western Ave. (2400 West) and go north to Montrose (4400 North) and make a right turn and go east about 2 blocks and turn right on Lincoln Ave. we are just south of Montrose on Lincoln Ave. about 4 doors; across from the Golden Angel restaurant parking lot.

Driving South on I-90/94 exit at Irving Park Rd (4000 North) and go East to Lincoln Ave (about 2200 West) and make a left turn and go North on Lincoln Ave. almost 4 blocks, we are on the east side of Lincoln Ave. just 4 doors before Montrose across from the Golden Angel restaurant & parking lot.

By CTA "L" train exit at the Western Ave stop 4645 N. Western Ave. on the Brown Line. The new renovated Western stop has elevators, longer platforms, more exit ramps & turnstiles (one exit allows you to go to the Lincoln square parking lot off of Lincoln Ave and a Dunkin Donut in the station. Walk 1/4 block east to Lincoln Ave. and then south down Lincoln Ave. about 3 blocks. We are 2 blocks south of the new Old Town School of Music, and 1/2 block south of the regional/cultural Sulzer Library. You can also exit at the Montrose stop (the stop before Western Ave.) and walk west about 3 blocks. 

The new renovated Montrose EL station at 1814 W. Montrose. The renovation features elevators (handicap accessible), longer platforms, brighter lighting, and station windbreaks. There is a coffee shop, Subway sandwich shop, Margies Candies and many nearby restaurants, food stores and bar nearby on the way to our shop. The local Chicago post office is at 2011 W. Montrose is 1-1/2 blocks west on the way to our showroom and they are open to 6:30 pm and is usually not busy.  Welles Park is across the corner from us.

                                                               We take all major credit cards below & Pay pal

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When paying through Paypal make payments to: csichicago1@yahoo.com

We Have Sold Over COUNTER3.gif (10024 bytes) T-shirts Since 1966 !


All prices and items subject to change without notice. All orders are subject to our Terms & Policies please read them. To see more wearables items click here to go to our online catalog.

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